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If you use a title for the Zazzlit, it will become a link in the top panel of the gadget using my referral link (yours is still used for all other links).

If you don't want this, leave the title area blank. This is done by using title=%00.

If you like this gadget and feel I deserve a reward :) then using a gadget title will mean I get any referrals arising from clicks on it (remember though, all other links in the gadget use your referral id)

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Tutorial for using my Zazzlit Gadget for profit

Second method—for blogs and websites

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This gadget was created using the second method, the one desribed below.
Note the blue skin around the content—you don't get this with the first method.

If you followed the first page and you're happy with the gadget you've now got on your blog, there's no need to continue here. Instead move straight on to seeing some examples of it in use.
Note that the examples have to use the second method, the one for placing Zazzlit on a site rather than a blogger blog (what you're viewing right now is a site, not a blog!)

What does this approach do?

There are a couple of things that this second method will do for you that the first one doesn't.

  • put a skin around the gadget like the blue one above
  • give you the javascript code to paste directly where you want it,
    for example
    • in a blogger blog as a new html/javascript gadget
    • in a blogger ftp / classic template blog
    • on your web site
    • anywhere that allows you to paste javascript

To do this, you're going to:

  • follow a link I'll give you
  • paste in a Zazzle RSS feed string
  • generate and copy the code

you'll then be ready to paste it and see it in action!  

Creating your first 

Ok, enough lead-up, let's create the first one using this approach.

Let's assume you want to pick out just fun (qs=fun) mugs (pt=168) from across all of Zazzle, ordered by popularity (st=popularity) in the last 30 days (sp=30).

The parameters are more fully described here.

Copy this (the Zazzle RSS feed search—don't forget to change the associate id to yours):


Now follow this link...


Google's gadget container set up - as it first opens

You'll see this

Paste into the "Zazzle rss feed" box what you've just copied...

Note that you don't see any gadget content (at least, I don't).

But no worries, all you're after is the javascript code and you'll get that in just a second.

Blogger template layout - preparing to add the gadget

Almost done...

Select the thick blue border and click the "Get the code" button".

Copy the code you're given.

Now that you've got the javascript, go and paste it somewhere!

If you want it on a blogger blog get to your layout->elements page and add a new gadget of type html/javascript and just paste in what you copied from above.

This is what it looks like

In case you haven't got somewhere to paste it into right now, I followed the instructions above and pasted it in here, so you can see what it looks like in action (I've also wrapped it in a <div> tag with a width of 225px to make it look nice - without it, there's a small gap between the content and the right hand frame edge when you use a gadget width of 200px as I have here).

If you followed the steps above, this is what you'll get.

Image-based borders

No control over gadget skin text colour

Unfortunately Google doesn't give a way to change the colour of the title link text or the "Gadget powered by Google" text at the bottom (at least, I don't know how!).

If they clash with your colour scheme, one way around it is to use image-based borders.

This gadget was created using image borders that I modified from the Google originals. See below for how to do this for your gadget.

An image-based border is referenced by a URL with this format http://hostname/some/path/ (must end in a slash). Such borders use a set of 8 images:

To make it easy for you to downlad them, I've linked the above image names to the default set, held in http://www.google.com/ig/images/..., for example, http://www.google.com/ig/images/br.gif, 

Download them and change them to suit the colour scheme of where you are putting the gadget.

Seeing as the default one is sky blue, I thought I'd do one in pink, just for gender balance!



Brew Time...

Ok, that's the second method under your belt. Now you should be ready for some more examples of using the gadget.

As a matter of fact, I think you've done so well, you can go and get a cup of your favourite brew and a cup cake.


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