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If you use a title for the Zazzlit, it will become a link in the top panel of the gadget using my referral link (yours is still used for all other links).

If you don't want this, leave the title area blank. This is done by using title=%00.

If you like this gadget and feel I deserve a reward :) then using a gadget title will mean I get any referrals arising from clicks on it (remember though, all other links in the gadget use your referral id)

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Tutorial for using my Zazzlit Gadget for profit

Part two: Getting stuck in—using it in anger

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This is the gadget at work showing the most popular gear across the whole of Zazzle, tagged or with the text "kids".
It checks for popularity in the last 30 days and is showing 100 (the maximum) items.
Note that this gadget was created using the second method

Starting point

Likely you'll have already installed the gadget on your site / blog and want to find out more about using it. If you haven't done that yet, you can follow the instructions here. Should be a 5-10min job, or 3 if you're really quick!  




Here are a number of scenarios with examples. In each case I give you the url to use. You can check it's pulling the right items from Zazzle by pasting it into your browser's address bar. 

John and his steam trains

John likes steam trains and wants the followers of his blog to see the top ten as given by the popularity in the last 7 days.

Here's the Zazzle rss search he uses:

Getting the code...

Copy the above rss search (in the box), follow this link and paste it in. Once you've completed the rest of these steps you can close the new tab/window that opens. Note that you should always change my associate id (in bold) to your own.

No, you won't see the feed contents being generated while you're doing this—at least, I don't. But that doesn't matter for now because what you're after is the javascript it generates. Later I'll show you how to take a shortcut around this—as long as you're brave :)

Change the width and height to what you want—I tend to use 200 and 240 (or 200 and 434, to show two at a time). Choose the border you want.

Yes, I know it's limited but don't get me started! The last step is to give a colour code for the box that separates one item from the next. It's in the usual RGB colour codes, comma separted (white is 255,255,255)

Finally click "get the code" and you have the javascript to paste into your webpage or your blogger blog. Other blogs and social sites will probably work, too—as long as they let you paste in some html/javascript.


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