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What do you think?

If you use a title for the Zazzlit, it will become a link in the top panel of the gadget using my referral link (yours is still used for all other links).

If you don't want this, leave the title area blank. This is done by using title=%00.

If you like this gadget and feel I deserve a reward :) then using a gadget title will mean I get any referrals arising from clicks on it (remember though, all other links in the gadget use your referral id)

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Tutorial for using my Zazzlit Gadget for profit

Part two: Other website uses and the promised shortcut

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Other Website uses

Picture Gallery sites

Here on my main website I have a gallery of images. It's generated automatically from a database of images and a template. It was a piece of cake to put on each image page a MyZazzlit to show just the products in my store made with that image. Have a look at my mono gallery if you like.

Any ideas of your own?

If you have your own ideas or you've managed to use it on other social sites / blogs, let me know and I'll update this page and credit you. Email me on highton-ridley [obfuscated at] gmail.com


Shortcut as promised

This is aimed at those who can paste javascript into their webpage and who are only a little afraid ;).

Once you've copied and pasted the javascript code for your Zazzlit once, it can be easier to change a copy of it rather than to go through the above rigmarole each time you want a new one.

It's also easier this way if you just want to fine-tune your search query. 

Here's what it looks like. I've broken down the one long Javascript line for ease of viewing / discussion; you only need worry about the highlighted items.

<script src="http://www.gmodules.com/ig/ifr?url=

So here are the paramaters explained, drawn from Zazzle's RSSGuide1.02.

  • HightonRidley- this is the storename, so replace with your own.
    • If you don't want to search a specific store but across the whole of the Zazzle Market Place, leave out the HightonRidley%2F entirely
  • qs - this is the query string. Replace with your own. If yo uare using more than one word, use %2B instead of a space (it translates to a '+' symbol)
    • If you don't want to limit the returned results by using a query string, leave out the qs%3Dfine%2Bart%26 entirely
  • ps - pagesize (i.e. number of items) 100 is the max
  • bg - background colour in RRGGBB, eg 000000 is black FFFFFF is white
  • st - sort type: value can be "popularity" or "date_created"
  • sp - Sort period, used for "popularity" sort types, value can be: 0=over the history of the gallery, 1=today, 7=this week, 30=this month
    Right now in Nov 09, the results seem to stay the same, whatever value I use.
    To be sure, always use '0'. I guess this will work properly when Zazzle fixes it, or maybe I've just misunderstood—much more likely ;)
  • isz - imagesize: the size of the product images to be delivered in the feed. This parameter may be set to “tiny", "medium", "large", or "huge”.
  • at - associate tag: your associate ID. This makes sure that you get any commissions arising when someone clicks the image to get to the relevant product and buys one (or comes back and buys within 40 days - unless they visit Zazzle / a sore / a product via someone else's in the meantime).
    If you don't know yours, you can get it from your store—look it up here
  • The last of the highlighted items are to do with the gadget itself.
    • New! up_TrackingCode: a tracking code that will display in your Earnigs tab under the Referral History report when popl buy after following your link. Make one up that you will recognise.
    • New! up_ReferrerCode: Use the same code here (your referrer-id) as you did for "at" above.
    • w: the width of the gadget. 200 works nicely for medium sized images (the ones I've been using here).
    • h: the height of the gadget. 220 works for one, 434 for two.
    • title: the text displayed at the top of the gadget. No, you can't change the text colour; this is a limitation of this type of gadget.
  • There are other parameters you can use, including pt (product type, such as mug, keychain and skateboard). Please see the official Zazzle guide for more on these.

Whew! You've made it to the end. Well done you! (and me!)

In Summary

You've learned how to

  • Add the Zazzlit Gadet to your blogger blog in two different ways
  • Get the code to put your gadget anywhere you can paste javascript
  • How to create image-based borders (skins) for your gadget

I hope you have great success with the Zazzlit Gadget. I'd be delighted to hear how you get on, so leave a comment on my store wall if you like.

If you've found this useful, please recommend it to your Zazzler friends! It'll be a great help to me. Thanks :)

If you found it really, really useful and easy to follow, come and buy from my store.

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