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If you use a title for the Zazzlit, it will become a link in the top panel of the gadget using my referral link (yours is still used for all other links).

If you don't want this, leave the title area blank. This is done by using title=%00.

If you like this gadget and feel I deserve a reward :) then using a gadget title will mean I get any referrals arising from clicks on it (remember though, all other links in the gadget use your referral id)

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Tutorial on using my Zazzlit Gadget for profit

Part one: Putting it on your blog / site

20 Feb 2012 New! You'll love this! I've added support for tracking codes so you'll know which of your marketing activities are working the best. I've updated this tutorial to show you how to use it.


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This is the gadget at work showing the most popular gear across the whole of Zazzle, using the search "teens funny".
It checks for popularity in the last 30 days and is showing 100 (the maximum) items.
Note that this gadget was created using the second method

Who is this for?

This is aimed at fellow Zazzle store owners and associates. It helps to get the gear from your store (and other stores you like) 'out there' by giving you more places you can show them and earn from them.

Even if you're a complete disaster when it comes to computers, don't be frightened, it's a piece of cake!

All you have to be able to do is point and click to put it on your blogger blog.

If you've got a website, it's just as easy to put the Zazzlit gadget there. Just paste in the html / javascript you get given.

There are two ways and I'll show you them both. The first works on sites / blogs with light-coloured backgrounds. The second way allows you to make sure it's ok on dark-coloured backgrounds. Use whichever suits you best.


Is the Zazzlit gadget for you?

Key features

  • It fits where a Zazzle Panel won't go and it's searchable
  • Uses your associate id so you get any resulting sales commission when folks click the products
  • Let's you show just the items you want from your store
  • Show items from your favourite shops or across the whole of Zazzle
  • Can be placed on a blogger blog side panel or on any web page where you can use javascript
  • Uses a Zazzle rss feed as its source—as determined by you
  • Content of the gadget updates automically (it refreshes the feed request whenever the page is loaded)
  • Use as many instances as you like, though play nice and keep page loading speed in mind.

I'll show you how to configure it...

  • so it uses your associate id
  • so it displays items from the store you choose
  • to search your tags and other text descriptions
  • so it puts popular items first 


First method—for blogger blogs

What you'll need:

  • A blogger blog
  • A spare 5 or 10 minutes—no need to put the kettle on, you'll be done in no time!
  • Your store's associate id. If you haven't got it to hand, you can look it up here

At the end of the five steps on this page, you'll have a working Zazzlit Gadget on your blog.

the gadget on a blogger blog

The end result

Firstly, here is how it will look after following the easy-peasy five steps here.

Results from my store are shown here, yours will be shown when you're done.

Start timing yourself... now!

Blogger template layout - preparing to add the gadget

Step 1 Edit your blog template

Get to your blog, sign in and, from your dashboard, get to editing your blog's template.

Click the "Add a Gadget" link..

Blogger's Add a Gadget pop-up window

Step 2 Add your own

On clicking the "Add a Gadget" link in step 1, you get this Add a Gadget window pop up..

Click the "Add your own" link..

Add a Gadget window - ready to paste the url I've given you

Step 3 Copy and Paste...

When you click "Add your own" in step 2, the window updates and gives you this.

Really important—delete the "http://" that's already there (to prevent duplication). Then copy and paste in the following url:

Click the "ADD BY URL" link.

You're almost done... just have to configure the gadget for your site

The Blogger Configure Gadget screen, showing the options and letting you edit them

Step 4 Configure the gadget—almost done!

When you click the "ADD BY URL" button you get to configure the gadget with your specifics

If you're the type that likes to get it working first and change the specifics later, just click the "SAVE" button and skip the rest of this step.

You can easily come back here and change it later. Or delete it and start over. Your choice.

Still here? Ok, choose a title and height. 220 fits in one item just nicely, 434 fits in two

The "Show Dates?" switches on or off the display of the creation date returned by the feed.

In the "Zazzle rss feed" box, replace mine with yours. Change the stuff I've highlighted below.

  • HightonRidley change to your store name.
  • fine+art change to your search. If you can't think what to use, try one of the tags you use quite often. Use a "+" instead of spaces.
  • 238582202591969585 This is my associate id—substitute yours for it.
  • Here's a wider box for you to work in. Use it copy from and paste when you're done. I've pre-filled it for you with what's already in the "Zazzle rss feed" box.

The image size I've given here is medium - if your blog side panel isn't wide enough you might need to use small.

(Note that the items displayed in this screen don't update)

  • The "Box colour", specified in RGB, puts a thin line around each product displayed. If you use 255,255,255 it will be displayed in white and therefore invisible on the standard white background.

New! Almost there, now you can supply a tracking code and (again) your referrer-id.

The tracking code (use only letters, no spaces or dashes etc) is displayed in your Earnigs tab under the Referral History report when someone buys after following your link. Make one up that you will recognise.

Even though your associate id/referral code (at=) is already included in the text you give to the "Zazzle rss feed" box, I can't get at it within the gadget code - and that's why you have to provide it separately as well. If you don't give it, then the tracking code will be ignored.

So make sure you provide both!

Once you've done that, click "SAVE"

The Blogger Template Layout showing a link to view the changes just made on your blog.

Step 5 All done...

Once you click "SAVE" in step 4, you are taken back to your blogger template layout screen - just click the "view blog" link.

You're done! If you want to fine tune the gadget, come back to this screen and click the "Edit" link on the gadget you just added.

You are on page 1. Next page: Second method—for blogs and websites

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I am currently using the Zazzlit gadget and I removed the google border from it.
What a fantastic little app!
It was so super quick and easy to get it going that I even blogged about it!


A quaker's Life

Money for you

Earn some extra income—you get 15% of any sales you refer to Zazzle just by using my Zazzlit gadget.

  1. Just sign up with Zazzle as an associate
  2. Put your associate id into the Zazzlit gadget
  3. Put the gadget on your blog or website

Start earning right away!



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