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Hints and tips for building a Zazzlit

Tip 1 Restrict to certain product types by including the right words in the filter. For example:

  • businesscards
  • posters
  • tshirts
  • ipod%2Btouch%2Bcases
  • blackberry%2Bcases
  • ipad%2Bsleeves
  • ipad%2Bcases
  • rectangular%2Bpillows
  • 7in%2Bgift%2Bboxes

By the way, I got these simply by visiting my own store and using Zazzle's Department navigation in the left column.

Of course, you'll combine these with your own power tags:

  • floral%2Bbusinesscards
  • funny%2Bposters
  • politiical%2Btshirts

..and so on.

Don't forget the %2B between tags / search words!

Tip 2 Write your description as though it was writen by some else. This gives it more authority.
Tip 3 If you use 'other' for your link text, include a similar word to what you'v'e used to select the products in the Zazzlit.
For example:
More great pillows from {your storename}

More hints and tips to follow. Come back soon!

Zazzlit Email Builder - for Blogger Blogs

see this tutorial to use the Zazzlit on websites and in blog side panels

go straight to the Zazzlit Builder further down the page

Update 14th April:

  • I've made a couple of changes to the explanations of the text boxes in the builder to make things even clearer.

Update 22nd March:

  • I've given you a choice for the text that appears in the link to your store - the one that appears at the end of the description you give to go with the Zazzlit.
    This is a great thing for SEO - search engine optimization, so make sure you vary this "anchor text" (as it's known) from time to time
  • One of those choices lets you type in your own link (anchor) text, for even more variation
  • I've added a couple more tips (left hand column)

Is it difficult?

No - there are only a few steps:

  1. fill in the boxes in the builder and click the button to get the gobbledook
  2. copy it
  3. open the emailing tool and paste it in to the "body" box
  4. fill in the "secret" email address for the desired blog
  5. provide a subject line, which becomes the title of the post on the blog
  6. click the preview button to make sure you're seeing the products you expect
  7. click the send button

That's it! 


Who is this for?

This is aimed at anyone with a Zazzle store. It helps you to get the gear from your store 'out there' by letting you build a Zazzlit that can then be emailed to the Blogger blogs set up by other Zazzlers.


Why is this better than Zazzle's product emailer?   

If you're  a Zazzler, you'll know that you can email a product using the email link on the product page. The problem with that method is:
  • not all the links in the resulting post contain your referrer id, meaning lost royalties!
  • worse, the section showing top searches for this week often contain profanities, not what most folks want on their blogs
  • finally, there's no tracking code so you never know which of your promotional activities are working
Well, the Zazzlit email builder puts all that right, and what's more the resulting post will show up to 20 of your products. Wow!


What is a Zazzlit?

See the scrolling box of items below. It's a Google gadget that displays a list of products for sale on Zazzle. They are drawn from the store you tell it and uses a referrer id that you set.

This gives you a 15% royalty, as set by Zazzle, on any products that get purchased within 40 days as a result of a visitor clicking on one of the displayed products. 

Note that the only exception is if the Zazzlit title is clicked - I then get any royalties resulting from sales—it's my reward for making the Zazzlit builder available.

The Zazzlit builder also lets you set a tracking code, so that you know where any resulting royalties come from. The tracking code will be displayed on the Referral History report under your Earnings tab in your Zazzle account.


This is the gadget that will be produced if nothing is changed below.

It draws from my Zazzle store allitems with both Pink and Princess in the power tags or product titles) at the largest size.

It sorts them by popularity in the last 30 days and is showing up to 100 (the maximum) items.

It's the same size as will appear in the blog, once emailed.

Be aware that blogs which work in this way can only accept so many emailed posts per day, so if you're unlucky, it might not appear.

How do I get the Zazzlit into a blog post?

Once you've built your Zazzlit, all you need to do is email it to a special "secret" email address that the Blog owners provide. You'll need to visit the Zazzle forum to find these out. They are publicised from time to time in the Promoting and generating traffic forum.


So how do I email it?

Normail email clients like Outlook, Gmail and others don't let you email the HTML that the Zazzlit builder creates—you'll need to use another tool, details below.


Ok, I'm ready to build my Zazzlit

Great! Fill in the boxes below, replacing the defaults that I've given with your own info. Once you've done that, click the "Display gobbledegook for email" button.

Do this first and then you're ready to email it using the special tool that is detailed underneath.

This is as it appears in your Zazzle url, so no spaces. My Zazzle store url is: zazzle.com/hightonridley so I use: hightonridley

To improve SEO (search engine optimization) for this store, a link to it will be added to the end of the description below when the Zazzlit is posted. It'll use the tracker code and referrer id you give and, if clicked, will open in a new tab / window.
If you leave this blank, you'll draw products from the Zazzle marketplace instead (still using your referrer id and tracking code)
Store name link text
The Zazzlit builder adds a link to your store at the end of your description. Choose the text you want for that link. It's good SEO practice to use different text from time to time.
Choose the text for your store link
Visit the {storename} gift store
See all the gifts and cards in the {storename} store
More great designs in the {storename} Zazzle store
See the entire range in the {storename} store
Other (60 character limit):
Filter by power tag(s) separated by %2B

Only products with all the shown tags will appear in the Zazzlit - these can be words that appear either in your power tags or product titles (or both)
Tracker code, tc= (don't put in tc=)
Referrer id, rf= (don't put in rf=)
Description for post
The text you type here will accompany the Zazzlit in the blog post. Make sure it describes the products displayed and is rich in keywords. Include two or three sentences to help make sure the search engines love it!


Get ready to email it...

  1. Copy the gobbledegook in the box above.
  2. Click this link to open the email tool in a new window / tab
    (this facility isn't mine - I suggest that if you like it, you make a small donation via the button at the bottom of the page in the new tab / window)
  3. Provide a blog's "secret" email address in the *To box
  4. Provide a *Subject — this will become the post's title
  5. Paste the gobbledegook that you copied above into the *Body
  6. Click the Preview button to make sure you're seeing the products you expect.
    Note: If you need to make amendments, close the preview window and come back here. Then restart at 5.
  7. Click the Send mail button to send the Zazzlit to the blog.

That's it, you're done!

Give it a few minutes and have a look at the blog to see your new post with the Zazzlit you built.

If you like it, please share this with other Zazzlers!


Blogs that allow the use of the Zazzlit Builder

So far these are the ones that I know are happy to have Zazzlits posted to their blogs - if you run such a blog, let me know and I'll add it to this list.

Please make sure you only post the designs and / or products at the frequency that the blog owner 

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