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Agony Of Biting Imps

A gargoyle, a man in agony as he is bitten on the cheeks by a pair of imps on his shoulders. Salisbury Cathedral, 2006

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I was delighted to receive an email out of the blue from the sculptor that created the wonderful stone carving above. He was also responsible for Forever Watching. Here is what Jay Battle said:

I was searching the internet this week for some images of Salisbury Cathedral in order to explain something to a client when I came across your photography.
I just wanted to say that I thought your shots of 'Agony of the Biting Imps' and 'Forever Watching' at Salisbury are superbly shot.
I was responsible for carving both of those and have stared at them more than most. I don't have any photos of them in place and when I saw these I had to write to you to let you know how wonderful I think your eye for composition is.

I am normally sick of a carving by the time I finish and as a result never have photo of my work in place. Odd maybe, but seeing your photos of my work has made me look again at how they sit and I don't feel ill- thank you.

Thank you Jay, I'm delighted they gave you a fresh view :)

Keywords: gargoyle, grotesques, salisbury cathedral, dramatic, 2006

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