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Wagon Wheel

Wagon wheels, slowly weathering as the wagon rides out the last of its life as part of the rustic setting of Bredbury Hall Hotel (built around 1570).

A photo of the whole wagon can be seen here...

There's a great little story related to this image that's playing itself out. I was really pleased when I recently returned to Bredbury Hall Hotel, where I used to stay regularly back in 2008. Back then, I was out in the grounds with my camera and got talking to the groundsman, Barry. We made a bit of a connection and I said that if I visited again I'd bring along for him a print of one of the photos that I'd taken during my stay. He (and the hotel where it's going to be framed and hung) were overjoyed by it - it's always nice to be able to fulfill a promise :)

Keywords: texture, pattern, wagon wheel, ageing wood, spokes, Bredbury Hall, 2008, [ weel, whel, wheal, wagn ]

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