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A Walk In The Park

A serene sunny view of an arrow-straight country park walk, taken in early autumn at Mount Edgcumbe in Cremyll, Torpoint, in the wonderful county of Cornwall.

On one side a regimented line of trees provides a sheletering overhang of foliage-laden boughs and on the other, the geometric lines of a hand-wrought wooden fence carries you forward to the gate-house and, beyond, the clotted-cream tea waitinging for you in the pub by Cremyll Ferry.

This is a typical early-autumn English scene and will grace the wall of any home, lending that space a quiet serenity to stimulate a daydream or two.

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Keywords: colour, fence, Cornwall, 2011, edgecumbe, tree lined, walks, park, english scene, Autumn, Fall, Mount Edgcumbe

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