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Life On Tharsis

I had a fanciful exploration in my inner vision today. In it I ventured onto Mars and followed the landscape to a mountainous region called Tharsis.

Approaching from the southern plains, I could see a series of plateaus extending as far as the eye could see. And I could see they were dotted by strange patches of light. My curiosity at such a sight pulled me on faster and, as I got closer, just in the lee of the first, the soft glow resolved itself into this strange vista.

At first I couldn't believe my eyes. I'd found a strange form of brachoid life growing within small islets of light. By some freakish effect unique to this area, the very slow lava flows become capped by a semi-transparent glassy mineral and are veined through by a latticework of dark bands.

The brachoids only seemed to be growing where the illumination from the hot bubbling lava below was brightest, and even then, only in well-defined small areas such as this one.

Keywords: colour, light pools, abstract, glowing, brachoids, Tharsis, Mars, surreal

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