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Ivybridge "Viaduct" Bridge

A view of the "viaduct" as it's locally known around Ivybridge. It's actually part of a railway bridge for the main London-to-Penzance intercity train line. At its foot flows the River Erme, sluggishly burbling and dancing between the granite boulders, singing a different song while its waters are low at the end of a dry-ish summer. You can see the lichens and mosses making their homes on the perpetually damp walls of the tall arches, thriving undisturbed in their vertical cities

This point pretty much mars the southern border of Dartmoor, that isolated and unforgiving but beautiful part of Devon.

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Keywords: Ivybridge, arches, railway bridge, colour, Dartmoor, Devon, 2011, viaduct, River Erme

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